The Longer You Work, The Better Your Retirement Can Be

Many older Americans are in the dog house when it comes to having enough for a financially secure retirement. Given that, there’s hope: the longer you work, the better your retirement can be.

The longer you work, the better your retirement can be

I know. The idea of working past your “official” retirement age is not a pleasant thought, especially if you’ve spent most of your career in a job you don’t like. But what if you had a job you really enjoy? One that challenges you every day? One that rewards you for being older and wiser than those young Gen X and Gen Y whippersnappers? It could happen — and you can make it happen.

Plan now to follow your passion instead of retiring.

Here’s a look at each of five job categories with a high demand for retirees:

Health Care

Home health aide and personal aide top a Bureau of Labor Statistics list of job fields expected to grow the fastest by 2018. The pay is modest, with median wages of roughly $20,000 for each in 2008. But caregiving work can be a good fit for those looking to work 20 to 25 hours a week and do something meaningful.


Many retailers welcome seniors as customer service employees or cashiers because they have found that older workers are very good at making customers happy, according to Coleman. Other retail jobs available for seniors may include retail manager, floor supervisor, stock-room associate, greeter or food company demonstration worker.


Two government agencies in particular — the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Transportation Security Administration — are known for seeking older workers. Both agencies have openings requiring little or no experience.


One of the most popular profession switches for older workers and retirees is going into computer-related work, according to Jim Toedtman, editor of the AARP Bulletin. The jobs entail such tasks as data entry or working with data communication systems and networks.

 Temp Work

Like seasonal retail work, temporary help in an office or elsewhere can be an ideal match for an older worker and employer. The worker offers flexible hours and experience and gets the opportunity for new challenges and limited-term working assignments that sometimes lead to full-time positions.

Some of these options may be just right for you — or they may not — but you get the idea. Start planning now to pursue your passion — and even make some money doing it! The longer you work, the better your retirement can be.

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