Retire While You’re Still Able to Enjoy It

Worldwide economic chaos surrounds us and even the most optimistic — and well prepared! — among us are right to be concerned about their future. Is it possible you’ll be able to retire while you’re still able to enjoy it?

Whatever you want to do in retirement, planning will help you do it.

Retire while you’re still able to enjoy it

Planning is the key to a comfortable, secure retirement.

First, what do you want to do?

Key to a successful retirement — any successful retirement — is knowing how you’d spend your time if money were no object. While there are those who work in retirement because they have to, there are also those who work in a field they love because they want to. While such jobs may not be the most lucrative in the world, if they help pay some of the bills, they can dramatically reduce the amount you need to save to reach your goal.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t retirement in the “old-fashioned” sense, sitting on the porch swing or playing golf every day. But wouldn’t you rather be active and energized by new challenges, doing work you love, than putter around with a bunch of old fogies? And the most important part is it “can dramatically reduce the amount you need to save to reach your goal.”

Second, what will you need to do it?

To have the ability to build any sort of nest egg in the first place, you’ll need spend less than you earn along the way. On the flip side of the coin, the lower your overall costs, the easier it is for the nest egg you do build to cover a significant part of them. In either case, the earlier you start and the more effort you put toward your goal, the easier it is to reach it.

Third, when do you plan to “get there?”

…it could be as soon as tomorrow, if you’ve laid the groundwork and the opportunity makes itself available. More likely than not, though, you’ll have to first prepare yourself financially and find that opportunity to reach for your dream.

Too often, we’re not sure what we want to do when we retire, except that we don’t want to keep going to that nasty job we’ve had for 40 years. Dare to dream, set goals and work toward them and you can retire while you’re still able to enjoy it.

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