Protect Your “Other” Biggest Retirement Asset

For many Americans, their biggest financial asset is their home. But, since some of us are priced out of the housing market, that asset is our retirement savings. It’s easy to make mistakes when planning for retirement, so it’s important to protect your “other” biggest retirement asset.

Protect your “other” biggest retirement asset — your tax-deferred retirement accounts.

Protect your “other” biggest retirement asset

If you’ve accumulated a significant amount in your retirement funds, you should keep these three things in mind:

Backup beneficiaries. The biggest mistake we see day in and day out when meeting with prospective clients is the lack of correctly designated beneficiaries. The easiest and best thing you can do is to verify that you have a primary and contingent beneficiaries listed on all of your retirement accounts. It’s not enough to list generic beneficiaries like “my living spouse” as primary and “my living children” as contingent beneficiaries.

Prudent investment strategies.Even the best-laid investment plan can fail and one of the most common mistakes is taking an unhealthy level of risk with your retirement accounts. If you’re expecting your IRA to last the rest of your life and beyond it is critically important to control risk.

Correct custodial and trust documents. Many retirement savers are unaware of the hidden dangers in IRA custodian documents or trust arrangements. hey sign these important documents without fully understanding the consequences. Dust off your IRA custodian document and double-check the fine print to verify that your beneficiaries are not able to receive their IRA inheritance in a lump sum fashion and pay a huge tax bill.

It’s critical to the financial security of your retirement that you plan wisely and have all the information you need to make the correct decisions for your situation. You want to make sure your funds last as long as you do, so take steps now to protect your “other” biggest retirement asset.

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