2013 Retirement Resolution: Capture Employer Matching Funds

One of the few reasons to put money into a 401(k) plan is if you’re getting a matching contribution from your employer — it’s free money. If you are, take advantage of it with the 2013 retirement resolution: capture employer matching funds.

Make a 2013 retirement resolution to capture employer matching funds.

2013 retirement resolution: capture employer matching funds

Max out your employer benefits.

Saving for retirement is easier when your employer chips in. Make sure that you sign up for your workplace retirement plan and save enough to capture the 401(k) match or other contributions offered by your company. An employee who earns $50,000 a year and gets a 3 percent employer match could get as much as $1,500 annually from the company for their retirement.

While there are problems with 401(k) plans — like excessive management fees and the risk of systemic failure — you should take advantage of your employer’s matching contribution to your 401(k).

Equally important, understand the sizable risks association with 401(k) plans and learn how to mitigate those risks and protect your retirement savings. No on cares as much about your retirement as much as you do, so commit to the 2013 retirement resolution: capture employer matching funds.

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